Enhance Your Belmont and Gastonia, NC Yard With Beautiful Trees

Enhance Your Belmont and Gastonia, NC Yard With Beautiful Trees

Trust the tree planting pros at USA Tree Service for the job

Could your yard use some more greenery? USA Tree Service LLC offers hedge and tree planting services in Belmont and Gastonia, NC. We can plant any type of tree, and we work with trees and hedges of all sizes.

We offer a tree installation satisfaction guarantee-if your new tree doesn't grow and thrive in your yard, you'll get a full refund. Call us today to learn more about our tree planting services.

Enjoy the benefits of trees

We all love the shade that trees provide and how they can make any property look beautiful. But trees provide a number of other benefits. Planting new trees will help you:

  • Increase the value of your property-potential homebuyers will flock to a home with lush, green trees in the yard.
  • Attract attention-if you own a business, you can draw in new customers with a beautiful property lined with trees.
  • Save money-this one might surprise you. But did you know that trees can actually reduce your air conditioning costs? Call now to learn more.
Start enjoying these benefits by calling USA Tree Service now. We'll gladly give you a free estimate on tree installation in Belmont and Gastonia, NC.