Rotten or Fallen Tree on Your Property?

Rotten or Fallen Tree on Your Property?

Call USA Tree Service in Belmont, NC for tree removal work

There are many reasons you might need to remove a tree. Dying or diseased trees can fall and damage your property. If a tree is in an inconvenient spot in your yard, it can be difficult to build new structures or install landscape features. Whatever the situation, you can trust a tree care expert from USA Tree Service LLC to remove the tree properly.

We handle tree removal in Belmont, NC. We can remove trees of all sizes, and we’ll clean up the debris after we’re finished. We’ll also remove the stump. Call now to get a free estimate on tree or stump removal in Belmont, NC.

Is it time to remove a tree?

If a tree in your yard looks like it might fall, get in touch with a tree care specialist right away. A fallen tree can cause serious damage or injury. Here are some signs that a tree needs to be removed ASAP:

  • The tree is leaning and looks like it might fall
  • The tree is dead or showing signs of rot
  • The tree is diseased or infested with pests
Keep your property safe from dangerous trees—call USA Tree Service right now to schedule tree or stump removal in Belmont, North Carolina. We also offer commercial tree removal services.